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  1. they received a rpiecet from JB Hi-Fi by email.The retailer has now dangled a carrot in front of affected customers to assuage their concerns, promising to sell them the TV sets for $2500 a significant reduction on the already discounted listed price of $2964.Amanda Bodger, a consumer protection lawyer with Mallesons Stephen Jaques, said it was unlikely customers could force JB Hi-Fi to honour the original price through the courts.She explained that, under contract law, when a product is advertised with a certain price tag, this is simply an invitation to the customer, who can then choose whether to make an offer to buy the product from the retailer.The retailer must then accept the offer in order for a contractual obligation to apply.The acceptance could come in the form of the retailer billing the customer’s credit card or giving the customer a rpiecet.Terms and conditions listed on the retailer’s website say it reserves the right to cancel any order without notice for any reason. In a situation like this, customers would face an uphill battle to bring a legitimate claim, Bodger said. In terms of trade practices obligations, obviously retailers can’t engage in bait advertising; they can’t mislead customers, but genuine errors which are fixed quickly normally don’t result in any investigation by the ACCC [Australian Competition & Consumer Commission] or any further action by consumers. Yesterday, the ACCC said it did not intervene in disputes when there was a genuine error or minimal consumer detriment .In an email sent to affected customers, JB Hi-Fi said the incorrect price was caused by an error with an automated price routine . The advertised promotion of ‘15% off Televisions’ was applied to all relevant models in our catalogue apart from this model, which displayed at a $15 sell price, the email read.It seems they’re smart enough to have a contractual term of the type you mention.

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